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Temulawak ( curcuma xanthorrhiza roxb) Prevents Bosom Cancer

Temulawak ( curcuma xanthorrhiza roxb
TEMULAWAK ( curcuma xanthorrhiza roxb) be Indonesia original crop containing curcuminoid and essential oils having special quality to take care of health from various disease. Rhizome temulawak which in West Java, more knowledgeable as " Koneng Gede" even far more having special qualityly from ginseng.

That way expressed in Drug Supervisor Body News Conference and Makanan about Kampanye Gerakan Nasional Minum Temulawak, Saturday ( 16/9), in Bandung. Present in the opportunity, Body Indonesia Original Drug Director POM DRS. Ketut Ritiasa, Pharmacy Professor Unpad Prof Dr. Sidik, Ketua Perhimpunan Kedokteran Alternatif and Komplementer Indonesia Prof Dr. Yahya Kisyanto and Dr. Nyoman Kertia, Sp.P.D-KR

" Special quality temulawak more than ginsengs. Temulawak has more than 100 components, whereas limited ginseng. Temulawak for example containing active compound of curcuminoid and some essential oils components," says Prof. Sidik.

Curcuminoid for example having special quality as antioxidant, antiinflamasi ( antiperadangan), antibakteri, antihepatotoksik ( anti liver), antikolesterol, anticarcinogenetic and anti aggregation platelet ( blood clotting which able to cause stroke). While one of essential oils component contained by it, namely xanthorrhizol is anticarcinogenetic, especially bosom cancer.

Immunomodulator activity from curcumin ( one of contents of in curcuminoid) also can increase body endurance to disease attack. " Compared to ginseng, component in temulawak far more. But till now we unable to can promote it," he said.

Dr. Nyoman Kertia tells, result of research proves temulawak doesn't have side effects like anti inflammation drug of kimiawi which the price far costlier. Consumption temulawak in routine, also can thin blood so that good to preventing stroke.

" Myself every morning and evening drinks juice temulawak made x'self. Result of his(its, impenetrability of body increasingly increases," he said.

Made juice

For direct usage, drinkable temulawak by the way of braised or made [by] juice by added [by] honey, lime or acid. Dose suggested is 2 gram temulawak, though finite usage of 6 gram admits of tolerated.

National movement campaign drinked temulawak is done by this nature material has is old is applied most of Indonesia public to take care of and increases its(the health. Before all, similar campaign has been performed in Yogyakarta.

" If drinking temulawak have culturalized, hence resident would be healthier so that its(the productivity increases. Prosperity of farmer temulawak also would be better because request more and more," said Dr. Nyoman.

Besides, compared to other drug crop, research about more temulawak benefit is done. Existence of the scientific evidence is expected able to increase public akseptability to this tribal medicine.

Body POM classifies benefit temulawak into seven parts, that is improve;repairing appetite, improve;repairs function of digestion, looks after liver function health, lessens joint pain in bone and bone, reduces blood fat, antioxidant and assists looks after health and pursues agglutination of blood.

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